Bishop Richard Curtis

Bishop Richard Curtis began his spiritual walk with the Lord on November 20, 1970. He heard the Word of God being preached by the late founder, Bishop W. T. Phillips, urging him to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and tarry until he was filled with the Holy Ghost. Accepting this invitation to a new way of living, Bishop Curtis joined Phillips Temple AOH Church of God and was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. The following week he was filled with the Holy Ghost.

Bishop Curtis asked the Lord to give him something to do in the church. Within minutes, he was asked to serve in various capacities in the church. Ever since then, he has worked untiringly in the church. He served faithfully on the deacon board, choir, progressive club, and Sunday School teacher.

Bishop Curtis was called into the ministry in 1976 under the leadership of the late Overseer Robert Pace at the Light of the Word AOH Church of God in Pensacola, Florida. He was an associate minister there for approximately one year.

On June 10, 1980 he was appointed as pastor of the Saraland AOH Church, where he served for ten years. There he found a little wooden church with a handful of members. Bishop Curtis had a love for the church and community and desired to be a blessing to them. He conducted outdoor services throughout the community and provided summer meals for the neighborhood children. Recognizing his faithfulness and zeal, God added to the church and blessed them to build a new edifice.

Greater Allenville AOH Church of God
2930 Whistler Street | Whistler, AL 36612
Bishop Richard Curtis
Consecrated Bishop in the
AOH Church of God in 2007
Serving since 2007 Mobile, Alabama