Fourth Presiding Bishop


Bishop John H. Mathews

Bishop John H. Mathews is the Pastor of Mt. Zion A.O.H. Church of God in Dayton, Ohio.  He has pastored for over 40 years, preaching and teaching the unadulterated word of God.  He is the Diocesan over the Ohio Ninth District and 28th  District in Alabama.As a pastor serving in Cincinnati and Dayton his ministry assisted in opening a Christian Book Store and Ministerial Alliance with associate ministers in the Church.  He also worked with the A.O.H. Education Department for ministers, served as the former Executive Board Secretary, and is the chairman for the License and Ordination Department. 

His Leadership Persona is enhanced by his experience as a soldier in the United States Army serving in the Korean War. Bishop Mathews is a husband of fifty years and a father of two children and three grandchildren.His focus is working in the public sector to encourage optimism in today's youth and promote basic family values through spiritual educational programs. He also has worked with the President of the Dayton Board of Education. Achievements:1950- Graduated from Dunbar High School, Dayton, Ohio; 1951- Attended Reaver School of Chiropractics, Dayton, Ohio; 1952-54- Served in United States Army during Korean conflict; 1957- Married Dorothy J. Jones of Egypt, Mississippi; 1962- Received Diploma of Theology from Dayton Bible Institute; 1963-65- Took courses from American Bible College,  Pineland,FL; 1965- Appointed Pastor of A.O.H. Church in Cincinnati, Ohio; 1970-80- Overseer of the States of  Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Ohio; 1981- Consecrated Bishop; 1981- Burned Mortgage in Old Mt. Zion A.O.H. Church; 2001- Elected Assistant Presider of A.O.H. Church; 2002- Dedicated the New Mt. Zion A.O.H. Church; 2003- Elected to Executive Community of Dayton Branch NAACP; 2015-Elected International/National Presiding Prelate of the Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God by the;National Executive Board at the 99th Annual Pentecost meeting.