Message About Corona Virus

Message About Corona Virus

Bishop Lawrence E. Williams 

Re: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The National AOH Church of God, Inc is closely monitoring developments and updates as to concerns related to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID – 19) throughout the U.S.. The Health and well-being of our churches, membership and employees is our top priority. We are emphasizing the importance of following the federal and state and local guidelines, as well as the recommendations of the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), your State and Local Departments of Public Health for reducing the spread of COVID-19. It boils down to Safety and Security.


Every precautionary measure should be taken to safeguard our membership, and employees, (If there are any) against this health threat. I am encouraging each leader to adopt a prevention plan to include recommendations for facility maintenance, stopping all non-essential visitations, and providing up-to-date information from both U.S. and international health organizations, like the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).


As your Presider. It is my duty to ensure that you are well informed about potential fraud that can stem from critical situations like this one. It is important to protect yourself and watch as well as pray along with observing the following stipulations:

  • Stay aware by validating email offers of financial assistance, medicinal claims, and others claiming to help.

  • Use relevant, trustworthy sources when you research.

  • Make smart decisions when a friend, relative or charity ask for donations.

  • Better safe than sorry. If you suspect fraud or a phishing scam, steer clear.

The AOH Leadership, is committed to our membership at large and the communities we serve Therefore, I am asking All Bishops, Overseers, and Pastors to please abide by the directives as they are given by the local Cities, Counties and States where your local churches reside in an effort to avoid lawsuits and fines.

Thanks for helping to ensure the safety and well-being of our membership during these challenging times.

  As the Body of Christ, we know according to the scriptures that the church is Spiritually Covered by the Precious Blood of JESUS and is Safe (Psalm 91, Exodus 12:7). But we must do our part to help fulfill the scripture.

Let us Remain Prayerful and Vigilant,

Bishop Lawrence E. Williams, International Presiding Prelate