National Evangelism Officials 

Evangelists are ministers of sound mind and good character, with a good report of faithfulness in their local church and are well versed in the doctrine of the AOH Church. The National Evangelists travel in any state under the auspices of our International church leaders, working in accord with our local pastors, to visit churches where their service are needed.  

Evangelist Samuel Kendricks
Samuel Kendricks
Chicago, IL

Overseer Reginald Davis
Youth Evangelist
Reginald Davis
Mobile & Birmingham, AL

Youth Evangelist Reginald Middleton 1 Youth Evangelist 
Reginald Middleton
Gulfport, MS


Caroline East 
Pensacola, FL



Youth Evangelist 
Madonna Matthew
Dayton, OH



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Omni AOH Church of God,
Compton, California

Pastor Rebecca Roberts,

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98th Pentecost
June 1-1, 2014
Cathedral of the Cross AOH Church
Birmingham, AL

2014 National Youth Convention
July 10-12, 2014
Cathedral of the Cross AOH Church
Birmingham, AL 

2014 Sunday School Convention
July 31 - Aug 2, 2014
Anointed Temple AOH Church
Gulfport, MS

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Overseer Larnie White , Jr
Overseer Larnie White, Jr. D.Min
National Dean of AOHBI