Our Conference

The goal of the National Youth Convention is to inspire youth and young adults through workshops, seminars, creative artistic expressions and biblical teachings to incorporate Christian principles into their life as a standard of living.

Our History

Founder of the Y.P.L.J. Band - The Late Mother Millie Allen Washington

During the month of July in 1920, a very young lady, Millie Lee Allen looked around and saw that the few young people in the church were idle, and pondered in her heart that there must be something we can do to get them more actively involved. With this thought in mind, she conversed with her pastor, known at the time as "Bro. Willie" ( later to become the founder of the A.O.H.Church of God, Bishop William Thomas Phillips), that the young people desired to have their own little band.

At the age of 17, Millie (known as Mother Millie Washington, the wife of Bishop David Washington, who was our second consecrated bishop) began to work diligently with the A.O.H. Church youth ministry. Mother Washington stated in a personal interview, "My plans were to have classes to teach the youth." Therefore, Millie Lee called Viola King, Mable Williams, and Mary Brown together and organized the Young Peoples Love Joy Band. The meeting was held in a borrowed church in the area of Mobile , Alabama , which was called Texas Hill. Viola King was elected president and Millie Lee taught the first lesson- Ephesians 5:1.

As the church grew, so did the Y.P.L.J. Band. Its growth was so rapid Bishop Phillips deemed it necessary to nationalize the auxiliary. Thus, the National Youth Convention was organized and convened annually at a designated A.O.H. Church .

We thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving Mother Washington this vision. For her works still stand today. The Y.P.L.J. Band exists in all our churches in the United States and abroad. We now have Y.P.L.J. Band books and lessons pertaining to the youth.

"A Seed sown years ago, has become a great Palm"